Trendy arm warmers♡

Hello 💐

This is Cummel buyer Rina.

Mornings and evenings are getting a lot more comfortable, and you can feel the change from summer to autumn🌾

Well, today I would like to introduce the trendy knitwear with arm warmers for this fall💫

A set item with feminine voluminous sleeve knit and arm warmers.

Since it has half sleeves, it can be worn right now at the transition from summer to autumn.

As we can cope with change of temperature if we add arm warmer,

It is recommended to put it in a bag and carry it around during the day.

As arm warmers are made longer,

It's a popular point to make it a little crunchy and wear it loosely 💘

Since you can put your thumb out, you can operate your smartphone without any inconvenience.

It is a trendy item with excellent functionality.

Check out the products here😉