Pick up recommended school items for autumn and winter♡

In October, the long summer vacation is over, and many university students are starting their second semester classes, aren't they? ✏️📚

This time, you can enjoy coordinating your school commute for the new semester with autumn items that give off a sense of sophistication.

Introducing Cummel Staff recommended products 💓

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A classic trench coat,

The short length above the knee adds cuteness.

The arms are loose, so you can wear it over a thick knit.

You can enjoy fashion without wearing extra clothes.

Mark your waist with the included belt to give your style a sharp look 🥺✨

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trench coat

When you wake up in the morning, it's already this time...!?

Isn't it a lot when it's the end of the day off? 🥺⛅️

A one-piece outfit that is perfect for busy mornings.

This dress is a blouse and docked design,

You can create a sophisticated and fashionable look as if you were wearing layers.

The trendy big color can also be expected to make your face look smaller!

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gingham check dress

Notebooks, reference books, resumes, etc. When you go to university, you tend to have a lot of luggage!

We recommend a tote bag where you can put your luggage roughly 😊✨

The gold chain is fashion like an accessory,

Soft leather blends well with any outfit.

The color is easy to match with neat and casual outfits🌷

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tote bag

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Wear your favorite items for school coords

Let's enjoy fashion!